Types of Membership

The core values of IBE membership are to build up your solid mindset in the virtual concepts of business knowledge, to pave a concrete way to a management career and to get connected to the network of brilliant management people.

Types of Membership

We categorize our membership into 3 types (Registered Member, Registered Business Planner and Registered Business Engineer) according to certain conditions and requirements.

  • Registered Member

It is the entrance level of our membership. Applicants who pass an entrance qualification examination and/or professional assessment are eligible to join in this category of membership. The examination is basically designed to evaluate applicants’ literacy in business engineering and PVC-BQ system.

To become a Registered member

  • Registered Business Engineering Analyst (RBEA)

Registered members who pursue for a higher professional qualification must pass a qualification examination to prove their abilities in accessing, organizing and evaluating business information and be able to make reasoned judgments in business cases by using PVC-BQ system and rationales.

To become a Registered Business Analyst

  • Registered Business Engineer (RBE)

Furthering up a level to our final category, registered business planners must be assessed through a substantial case proposal and oral defense. The assessment is to guarantee applicants to be equipped with the ability of identifying, conceptualizing and proposing original and creative insights in novel, complex business cases. Besides, he/she should be able to make rational judgments even in situations with the absence of complete or consistent information.

To become a Registered Business Engineer

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