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3.2.0 professional development

In the business world of treacherously dynamic environment, talents are the crucial resources to compete among corporations.  Our professional qualification ensures the “right talents” that can meet today’s demands of the management undertakings.  Up until now (2004), we are the only organization that offers the credentials specifically for general strategic management.  With our innovative and solid knowledge body, we can help you gain the edge of business strategic mindset that leads to the success in your career and business.

We have charted a complete path that helps you develop your professional career.  Along the path, you build up your business mindset and skill set, which provide value to your organization and enhance your future career prospects.


(diagram for the paths to different professional qualifications)


Courses required   Knowledge covered  Assessments Qualification 


Routes to BE



Generic Level Descriptors
Registered Business Engineer
Registered Business Engineering Analyst
1.Knowledge & Intellectual Skills Be able to identify, conceptualize and offer original and creative insights in novel, complex and abstract ideas and information.
Be able to deal with complex and/or novel issues and make rational judgments in situations with the absence of complete or consistent information.
Be able to access, organize and evaluate information independently and make reasoned judgments in relation to a subject or discipline.
Be able to employ a range of responses to well defined, but sometimes unfamiliar or unpredictable, problems
2.Application Be able to develop creative and original responses to problems and issues in the context of new circumstances
Be able to apply knowledge and skills in a broad range of complex and professional work activities, including new and unforeseen circumstances
Be able to operate in a variety of familiar and some unfamiliar contexts, using a known range of technical or learning skills
The ability to perform tasks in a broad range of predictable and structured contexts which may also involve some non-routine activities requiring a degree of individual responsibility
3.Numeracy Critically evaluate numerical and graphical data, and employ such data extensively Use a wide range of numerical and graphical data in routine contexts, which may have some non-routine elements
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