Assessment Process and Requirements of Business Engineering Qualifications

  1. Registered Business Analyst
    • Passing Paper 1 & 2.
    • Possessing at least 2 years of managerial level management work experience; or holding a degree in BBA or equivalence
  2. Registered Business Engineer
    • Holding a Registered Business Planner qualification
    • Passing Paper 3, case study and oral defense
    • Possessing at least 5 years of managerial level management work experience
ExaminationSubjectLength of Examination
Paper 1 A
Quantitative business knowledge、techniques and methods
Economics, Statistics, Financial Management, Accounting, Cost Management, Operational Research, Credit Analysis, Risk Management, Investment Analysis 3 hours (a.m.)
3 hours (p.m.)
Paper 1B
Qualitative business concepts、theories and applications
Marketing, Management ,Corporate Systems Information Management (MIS,CRM,ERP,SCM) , Human Resources and Organizational Behavior , Financial Management, Accounting, Cost Management, Economics, Operational Management, Investment Management, Risk Management, Credit Analysis, Internal Audit and Control, Corporate Strategic Management, Contemporary Management development courses 3 hours (a.m.)
3 hours (p.m.)
Paper 2
Business Engineer
Assessment Exam – Business Engineer Framework and Applications
Business Engineering Principles, Business Engineering Theories, Business Engineering Framework and Highlights, Efficient Business Process Management, Tolerance Capacity Analysis, Business Potential Analysis, Strategic Formulation, Environmental Consequence and Impact, Government Reforms and Policies, Global Economy Analysis, Societal Impact, Business Intelligence Principles, Business Intelligence Theories and Assessment 3 hours (a.m.)
3 hours (p.m.)
Paper 3 & Case study
Business Engineer Consultancy License Assessment Exam
Business Engineering Consulting Cases and Interview, Cause and Effect Analysis, Assessment Preparation and Case Study demonstrations, Board of Examination Interview and Assessment  
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