Vision & Missions

Our Vision
To establish a world-renowned professional designation in management and to equip every decision maker with a business engineering “MindFrame.”
Our Missions
  • To knowledge
    • To continually innovate and evolve the knowledge of Business Engineering
    • To advocate the revolutionary Business Engineering approach in management education and business practices
    • To take open and collaborative attitude to contribute our continual endeavor to the development of management knowledge
  • To individuals
    • To nourish “Core Management Competence” of business management practitioners
    • To equip practitioners with professional qualification in business management
  • To enterprises
    • To provide support and enhance value for organizations and prepare them to excel in management and overcome their inadequacies in the ever-changing and unstable business environment nowadays
Our Values
  • Integrity
    • Upholding personal integrity while pursuing corporate interests
    • Fostering employees’ integrity for attaining overall corporate goals
    • Having obligation to the profession
  • Betterment
    • Enhancing one’s core managerial competency through systematic framework and principles
    • Improving resource optimization decisions and performance towards corporations’ sustainability
  • Equality
    • Embracing fair competition
    • Attaining business goals while balancing with social responsibility
    • Staying objective
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