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About IBE

IBE (Institute of Business Engineers) tailors to serve management institutions in Greater China and management strategists by providing a platform for continuous education and up to date management trends. Embracing ‘Business Engineering’ as fundamental concepts, IBE aims to stimulate management professionalism and to contribute to individuals in attaining professional qualifications.

IBE has developed the world’s unique ‘Business Engineering’ approach and PVC-BQ corporate decision-making and management system. The institute has incorporated traditional Chinese cultural elements into its philosophy. Some of these values include ‘People-Oriented Practices’, ‘Cause and Effect Relativity Concepts’, ‘Fate and Opportune Beliefs’. Combining theories from the east and the west, this will immensely enhance managers and entrepreneurs’ ability to develop critical thinking. In addition, managers are able to locate the causes of business related problems instead of just dwelling on the effects. We aspire to help managers succeed through the internalization of ‘Business Engineering’ philosophy. Managers will be able to cultivate relevant strategies to improve their company in terms of effectively utilizing the company’s resources and enhancing operational efficiency in order to maintain and sustain the company’s long-term development in the market.

Director’s Synopsis
Globalization has stipulated the business environment to change at a rapid pace. The competitive advantage that China gained due to its strong labor force resulting in low cost production has decreased and simultaneously, Chinese corporations and entrepreneurs have adopted substantial management practices from the west as China opens its economy. However, these management theories and practices may not always be applicable to realistically operate and manage Chinese organizations. Leveraging on these issues, we realize the pressing need to create a set of business solutions to solve the challenges faced by Chinese corporations.

The ultimate mission for undertaking business management courses is for managers to acquire competency in integrating relevant concepts and efficiently adapting these concepts to solve the challenges of the ever-changing external environment. Only ‘All-rounded’ geniuses are able to successfully manage and complete the mission. However, traditional MBA programs have not been able to address this requisite. Currently, global management institutions are sourcing for effective solutions to better equip managers to manage the challenges in the workplace. Professor Baldwin Hui and Professor Gary Ching have congregated a team of core management professionals and entrepreneurs in Greater China region to establish the Institute of Business Engineers (IBE) with the purpose of assisting professionals from all respective industries to resolve the complexity of the issues mentioned.


Organization Chart

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Executive Board

Prof. Baldwin Hui 許毓彬 (President)
Dr. Gary Ching 程傑恒 (Vice President)
Associate Prof. Andrew Siu 蕭嘉明 (Vice President)
Mr. Andy Ng 吳家傑 (Secretary-General)


Key Member

Dr. Sammy Cheng 鄭楚明, MD of International Textile Accessary Supplier
Prof. Patrick Wong 王冠一, International Economic & Financial Markets Commentator
Dr. Eddie Huang 黃呂, CEO of Environmental Friendly Technology Co.
Dr. Jacky Wong 黃偉青, CPA
Dr. Tong Ng 伍潮智


Honourable Member

Prof. Robert Winter, Centre head, IWI, University of St. Gallen
Dr. Jochen Mueller, Executive Director, Executive Education Centre, University of St. Gallen

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