Credentials & Publications

Education & Training:
  1. Over 5,000 undergraduates cumulatively in prestigious universities of China, such as Sun Yat-Sen University South China Normal University etc. during 2007 and 2011.
  2. Over 1,500 corporate executives through corporate trainings in several MNEs and academic institutes, such Leiyunshang(雷允上) Chinese pharmaceutical company, RSM China Certified Public Accountants, COATS, Beijing National Accounting Institute (北京國家會計學院) etc.
Key Project:
We won the competition of the “World Bank – Beijing National Accounting Institute Risk Management Simulation Training Program Development Project” and earned a contract in a training project entitled “PVC-BQ Decision Making and Management System Integration with COSO Requirements”, which was jointly organized by World Bank and Beijing National Accounting Institute in 2009. The target audiences are senior government officials, senior executives and entrepreneurs in China’s large corporations.
We have successfully applied a patent for our business modeling tools in PRC and Hong Kong:

Our business modeling tools:

The Business Matrix – Business Engineering Application Tool for Corporate Performance Analysis and Strategic Analysis for Decision Making

Credentials & Publications  1.3.1 modeling tool 02






 Business Matrix – a business modeling tool



Utility patent for our business matrix model

 Utility patent for our business matrix model


Design patent for our business matrix model (PRC)

Design patent for our business matrix model (PRC)


Design patent for our business matrix model (HONG KONG SAR, China)

Design patent for our business matrix model (HONG KONG SAR, China)


Trade Mark:

1.3.1 trade mark

PVC-BQ trade mark registered in 2003 in Hong Kong, and PVC System Logo registered in 2006 in PRC



Since 2002, we have published some books, conference papers, training manuals and articles:

  1. Business Engineering PVC-BQ Decision Making and Management Book (Chinese), Accounting and Finance Books, Joint publication with Dun & Bradstreet, ISBN 962-7240-51-6, 2002.
  2. Financial Management for Entrepreneurs (Chinese), 2003.
  3. PVC-BQ training manuals (English), 2003.
  4. PVC Enterprise Management System (Chinese), ISBN 988-97625-2-8, BQ Entrepreneurship System ISBN 988-97625-3-6 and Business Matrix Application Manual ISBN 988-97625-6-0, 2004.
  5. Business Engineering PVC BQ Application and Case (English), 2006.
  6. Business Engineering PVC-BQ System (Chinese), Shanghai People’s Publishing House, ISBN 978-7-208-08023-2 /F – 1780, 2008.
  7. Business Sense (Chinese), Shanghai People’s Publishing House, ISBN 978-7-208-08073-7/F-1793, 2008 ~ 2010.
  8. The Business MindFrame – The General Truth of Business (English), SCPG Publishing Corporation, US, ISBN 978-1-938368-09-7, 2013.
  9. 大道至简 - 商业思维的革命, Chinese People's Publishing House, China, ISBN 978-7-300-22640-8, 2016.
  10. Shouldn’t Engineering Business be Needed before Business Engineering?. 1st International Business Engineering Conference (IBEC), in Malaysia, 9/2016. with the Best Paper Award in Research category.


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